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Unique watches. Online and in-person.

A passion for the tradition of the finest craftsmanship since 1924. CIMIER watches are an elegant celebration of Swiss watchmaking expertise and demonstrate a refined aesthetic. 


As inventor of the self-winding watch almost 250 years ago, Perrelet has faithfully cultivated its pioneering, avant-garde spirit as well as impressive mastery of its timepiece developments.


Farr + Swit measures time not by the hands on our watch, but the moments we make. That’s why we aim to make quality watches that do more than just track your steps or connect to your smartphone. 

Farr + Swit

Since 1925 Laco offers legendary pilot watches, navy watches & sport watches as well as chronographs and squad watches MADE IN GERMANY.

Laco 1925

Towson has rejuvenated the spirit of American Watchmaking over the past 25 years and mentored the next generation of watchmakers - inspiring local artisans and engineers to work with their hands.


Our watches are meant to celebrate culture, craft and materials that we regard as sacred. We drap our bespoke products in stories we intend to be enjoyed around the world. 

Sacred Crafts

Qwatch offers understated, yet distinctive watch storage solutions for your treasured timepieces. Our products are designed in Switzerland and engineered in Australia.

Q Watch

Wrist Watch


  • Extensive Video Reviews: We understand that choosing a watch is a personal decision, and you deserve to see your potential timepiece from every angle. That's why we offer a vast library of video reviews. We find the most interesting reviews, and put them all in one place. Allowing you to meticulously examine each watch and check out the design, features, and functionality, so you can make an informed choice.

  • Unbiased Insights: Our video reviews are unbiased and authentic. We find videos from trusted watch enthusiasts and experts who share their honest opinions, ensuring that you get the most transparent and accurate information available.

  • Product Pages feature reviews on specific models. Look below for a sample review for each of our brands.

New Arrivals

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November 2023 Blog By Victoria Gomelsky - 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Grand Seiko

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